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Slide Diver (The Adjustable Trolling Diver)

Slide Diver Adjustable Trolling Diver

Like other disk style divers, the Slide Diver, The Adustable Trolling Diver, utilizes water pressure against the planing surface which forces the unit to dive when trolling. The adjustable weight shifts the diver from the center to the far right or far left trolling positions from the boat. Based on the setting and the amount of line released, the Slide Diver will descend to the selected angle or position.

The Slide Diver is unique in one major way--it is a true in-line diver. The line passes through the diver and is locked into place when diver is set. This design allows you to vary the lead length between the bait to the diver. Other divers are tied in a stationary position with a limited lead length from diver to bait. With these divers many people use an obtrusive rubber snubber to combat some of the tension issues that result.

The line passes through the diver allowing a constant hook tension with the fish. A king can generate some speed once it knows it is hooked. With the Slide Diver, the fish does not have to drag the diver though the water. The diver allows the line to pass though itself so no additional drag is added. This allows for better sense of the fish at the Rod and an improved ability to control the fish.

Another benefit of the adjustable lead length is that it will give you control that is tough to obtain with other divers. Other divers will only allow you to have a leader of about the length of the rod that you are using. The stationary divers with the longer leads make it more difficult to net fish. Even with the diver reeled in tight to the tip of the rod; the fish will still be back eight feet or more. The Slide Diver only requires about a two foot lead between the bait to a barrel swivel where the divers slides to a stop. The diver never reaches the tip of your rod making it easy to navigate the fish to the net.

The Slide Diver comes in two sizes, standard and small

Slide Diver Lite Bite

Slide Diver Lite Bite Adjustable Trolling Diver The Slide-Diver Lite Bite uses the properties of a diver disk to take lures down and away from the boat, but allows the angler to stretch the offering well behind the diver, which instantly releases at the lightest bite from a fish.

"We like to say that as soon as your rod moves, all you have to do is remove it from the rod holder and reel", says company president and Slide Diver inventor Randy Even, a charter captain out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. "Basically, it's like having a tacklebox downrigger-put one on either side of the boat and you have two more precise depth control devices that allow you to set lines as deep below and as far behind the boat as you want."

The Slide Diver Lite-Bite, like the original Slide Diver, has a mechanism that allows it to be clamped down anywhere on the fishing line. What sets the Lite Bite apart is an extra "arm" that instantly pries the release mechanism open when a fish of any size hits. Properly adjusted, the Lite-Bite can handle everything from the smallest spoons and walleye spinner rigs to the largest flashers and cut herring set-ups. Even noted that anglers who troll for virtually any species, from crappie and walleye to salmon and striped bass will benefit from the new disk.

"We've been testing this design for more than two years and feel it's right where we want it to be to work perfectly every time," says Even. "The days of towing a small fish around behind a diver without knowing it are gone for good."
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Slide Diver Lite Bite Hi Guys

Let me start by saying that the more I fish with the Lite Bite Slide Diver the more I like it. In the past fishing Champlain with a Dipsey could be very frustrating. A traditional Dipsey would drag small fish for hours without you knowing it. I do not know how many times I have pulled in a dipsey to find a small perch or Salmon or Laker that did not release the Dipsey. This will not happen with a Light Bite Slide Diver. Check out the Pic! This is just one of the many reasons this new tool will be a great weapon on Champlain. There is a learning curve to fishing this tool. You have to thread your line through an assembly and a bead and keep them on the rod when not in use. We have been using 20# braid, this helps with delivery and is stronger. A bad nick in mono and you could lose it! These are not inexpensive but much cheaper than a downrigger. Being able to put out as much line as you want is an awesome benefit. We have been running about 40 to 60 ft behind the diver, engage the diver, dial in the setting, put out to desired depth and catch fish. It sure was fun to watch the rod almost rip off the side of the boat when bills Salmon hit, a much different experience from watching a downrigger release. After using these for a couple of weeks I am hooked. Feel free to ask questions.

Good Luck

Lite Bite Instructions

Watch this instructional video to help you get started using the Slide Diver Lite Bite.

Braided Line vs. Monofilament

When using braided line with the Slide Diver Lite Bite, the diver at times would tend to slide on the line. That's a problem we used to hear from users of the Slide Divers & Slide Diver Lite Bite. When using fabric or braided line, replacing the spring with the vinyl tubing has solved most of the slippage issue. The vinyl tubing is a recent addition and now comes with each #1 Slide Diver and Slide Diver Lite Bite.

The spring is for monofilament line, it creates a nice radius in which the drag weight of the diver is transmitted onto the fishing line. Monofilament, which was the line most fishermen used when the Slide Diver Lite Bite was invented, holds very well.

The new fabric or braided fishing lines are a different story. For these lines, we have substituted the vinyl tubing for use, where the spring had previously been used and is still currently used with monofilaments. The vinyl tube is just soft enough to grab the new braided lines. One final note: Don't use the vinyl tubing with monofilament. The monofilament actually sticks too well to the vinyl and will cut it.

Slide Diver Lite Bite Adjustable Trolling Diver If slippage continues to be an issue, the surgical tubing the line passes through to be protected as the arm presses down on it can be rotated 180 degrees, as shown below. Adding this along with the use of the vinyl tubing versus spring, has virtually eliminated this problem in using fabric or braided lines. There are some fishing lines that may still cause a problem when trying to use them with the Slide Diver or Slide Diver Lite Bite, they tend to have a silicone based agent and just won't work with Slide Diver or Slide Diver Lite Bite.

Slide Diver Adjustable Trolling Diver
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